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Account creation

To ensure that your health information is secured and accessible to you only, it is required that information you provide at the time of account creation exactly matches what's on file with your pharmacy.

Unfortunately, sometimes what is on file with the pharmacy is not exactly what you might expect. For example, your name might be "Bill", but they have you as "William" at the pharmacy. Or there might be a typo in your date of birth.

Please review your prescription bottle carefully to confirm your information and if you cannot find any mismatches, contact your pharmacy for help.

I am entering my information exactly as it appears on my pill bottle but I am still unable to register.

We’ve recently upgraded our systems and have changed how we number prescriptions. If you are having trouble registering, we may need to issue you a new prescription number.  First, please try the following steps:

  1. If your prescription number is 6 digits, try adding a 6 to the beginning of your prescription number. If your number is 123456, your new number will be 6123456.
  2. If your prescription number is 7 digits, try changing the first number of the number to 6. If your number is 1234567, your new number will be 6234567.

If you are still unable to register after trying the above, please call your local pharmacy and ask them to issue you a new prescription number. Once you have your new number, you should be able to create a new account.


You can update your mobile number by signing in to the mobile app or Web Pharmacy and going to "Account". Once on the Account page, you will see the mobile number that's in our system today. To update it, click on the mobile number and you’ll be walked through the process to change it.

Please note that you will need to verify your new mobile number before you can get any texts from us.